Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Anum & Habib: Reception and Post Wedding


Out of hundreds of photos, it was really hard to just narrow it down to a few. These pictures are from both Melvin and I, cuz i figured combining both close and wide shots would make a better story. I'm just gonna let the pictures do the talking because if i start commenting on one, it'll probably take hours for me to do on all and well, I could only wish for more hours in a day.

The reception was held a day after the solemnization, on the 31st of December. Thanks to the sun shining [really] brightly, our job was made easier. As for the post wedding shoot though, we were chasing time (we only spent half an hour at the train station) and it started to rain. Gile express photoshoot, shortest shoot I've done in my life! But thanks to Melvin we managed to get a few cool shots :)

Since its my blog, I'm gonna put at least one picture of me in it. hehe. On the left is Qidran the videographer and on the right is my partner in crime Melvin. Yay!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Engagement & Solemnization: Anum & Habib

Whew my first blog! Usually my 'clients' are within driving distance, so I can easily just pass the photos and upload themselves. But in this case, there is just no way I'm driving back to Ipoh to pass the photos. I hope this would do in the meantime :)

SO my friend Anum and her new hubby Habib were recently married (and engaged) on the 30th of December. Congratulations to the both of you! The ceremony was in Ipoh, Perak and was accompanied by Melvin Lee (my junior in college) which I cant be thankful enough because it gives me lesser range to cover during the ceremony. Below are pictures from the wide point of view, I mainly used the 14-24mm and 24-85mm lens on a D3. The portraits and macro were done by Melvin so we will wait for him to post them on his blog/fb.

The main question by the bride all night (and even the next day) was "is my make up ok??" Don't you worry your pretty little face, you looked stunning!

I saw this cute little building and wondered, why on earth would you have the Taj Mahal as a hantaran?

Silly me, they met and fell in love in India. awwwww <3

and it was actually a ring box. haha

The groom's side came at about 9pm. the ceremony started with a quick engagement, where Anum got the chance to have a Fiancé for a short while then within half an hour had a new husband. Lucky girl :)

The engagement

Anum meeting her mother in law for the first time.

The engagement ring.

Then the Akad Nikah begins


After the officiating the marriage, comes the wedding rings!

So cute how she blushed right when he touched her hands :)

1st kiss

Heartiest congratulations to you both! :)

More pictures of the reception to come!