Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Anum & Habib: Reception and Post Wedding


Out of hundreds of photos, it was really hard to just narrow it down to a few. These pictures are from both Melvin and I, cuz i figured combining both close and wide shots would make a better story. I'm just gonna let the pictures do the talking because if i start commenting on one, it'll probably take hours for me to do on all and well, I could only wish for more hours in a day.

The reception was held a day after the solemnization, on the 31st of December. Thanks to the sun shining [really] brightly, our job was made easier. As for the post wedding shoot though, we were chasing time (we only spent half an hour at the train station) and it started to rain. Gile express photoshoot, shortest shoot I've done in my life! But thanks to Melvin we managed to get a few cool shots :)

Since its my blog, I'm gonna put at least one picture of me in it. hehe. On the left is Qidran the videographer and on the right is my partner in crime Melvin. Yay!